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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Drama · #2258083
Contest entry, learning to trust
Madison said trust me, I know we haven’t known each other long, but I’ve done this before and I’ve never been caught, so Selena you can trust me. Shoplifting is fun, and you will get such a thrill.

The best store to shoplift in is Marseilles. They carry the latest trends and it’s really expensive stuff.

So are you in?

Selena, I guess.

Okay just follow my lead, since we are wearing jackets we can stuff a lot of clothes underneath and the clerk will never know.

Madison said, that rack over there, concentrate on it and I’ll start over here.

Store Clerk, can I help you girls find something special?

Selena responded, we’re just browsing, hoping no one would notice that her jacket was showing signs of wear.

Madison was the first to go in the changing room. When she came out she had to wait on Selena for quite awhile.

When Selena finally came out, Madison said what took so long? Never mind, let’s go!

Madison knocked over a rack of clothes on her way out as a distraction. When she stepped out the door Security stopped her and said your under arrest for shoplifting!

Madison turned around and said, what about her?

Oh her, she didn’t take anything.

Madison gave Selena a sour look.

Selena said, I guess I didn’t trust you, but it was thrilling!

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