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by Rhyssa
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for Her person' twenty-first birthday
“Three weeks to Her birthday,” the kitten was glad.
“I'll make Her birthday the best to be had.
She's mine, and I swear by the time that I'm through
She'll have the best party, best cake, presents, too.
She'll have so much fun, so much more than that boy
who takes up Her me time and plays with Her toys.”

Two weeks to Her birthday, and true to the plan,
the party would happen, and it would be grand.
The wee kitten went round to all her favorite shops,
and ordered a fish cake with catnip on top,
she ordered a mouse toy to wind up and chase,
a scratching post castle to set up in place
of the little old laptop that Her person would play--
ignoring the kitten for most of the day.
She sent out the invites, all signed with a paw,
for a perfect cat party, without any flaw.

One week to Her birthday, and kitten was purring,
everybody was coming, and the alleys were stirring,
all full of excitement, of fervor, of glee--
it would be the best party, all the felines agreed.

The eve of Her birthday, and in the back yard,
the party was set with the gifts and the cards,
and the kit looked around at the wonderful sight,
with excitement, for the party would happen tonight,
(every cat party is known to embark
sometime after twilight when everything's dark).
The kitten brought Her person to join the cat throng,
“Happy Birthday!” they sang in their fifty cat song.
And She had a small slice of the cake, which she shared
with her kitten, and opened the presents prepared
with ribbon and paper, and She thanked everyone
and kissed her sweet kitten for sharing the fun.

line count: 32
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