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Con artists don't get compensated.
Pay the Motel Rent

By Shadowgate


Richard Hound and his wife Cindy had been motel owners for 12 years. One night a couple named Douglas and Emily Chime pulled into their parking lot. Another car pulled up behind them. That car was driven by Bill Chime, Doug's brother.

Doug handed Bill his two year old son Kevin and Bill drove off and pulled around the motel.

Doug and Emily went into the front office. They both spoke to Richard and his wife Cindy and checked in.

They told Richard and Cindy it was just the two of them so they paid the rent and got a key to their motel room.

After they left the front office Bill had already pulled back around. Bill handed Kevin off to Doug and then they went to their room and settled in.

However there was a couple in the next room that had just been married. Mister Roger Edgar and his new bride Carolyn were having sex. Douglas was infuriated and he went and pounded on their door.

Roger yelled out "who's there?"

Douglas yelled "My name is Douglas and I am renting the room right next door to you. I have a two year old so could you please stop with that activity?"

Roger answered back "this is the adult section of the motel. How did you get a room in this section if you have a two year old?"

Douglas became furious and answered "I have a two year old so you better stop right now."

Roger yelled "I'm with my wife and we just got married! If you don't leave us alone I'll call the fucking police."


Douglas and Emily went into the main office with their two year old son Kevin and demanded to speak to the motel owners. Richard and his wife Cindy came out.

Douglas said "as you can see we have a two year old and you gave us a room next to a couple that was on their honeymoon and they were having their honeymoon activities."

Richard replied "we didn't see that two year old with you when you checked in last night. Cindy do you remember seeing that two year old with them?"

Cindy answered "no."

Emily asked "why should we have to pay extra for having a two year old?"

Richard said "I know you didn't forget about that toddler during tax season. You just wanted to save a little money."

Cindy jumped in and said "so you're the couple that the honeymooners complained about this morning! About an hour ago a recently married couple came in here and complained that someone beat on their door last night claiming they were renting a room next door and had a child with them. We told them it had to be a prank or an attempted robbery because that's the adult section."

Emily shot back "well it wasn't a prank and we are not happy. We want a different room."

Richard replied "well then you'll have to pay the difference for a family room."

Emily said "that's bullshit we're not paying extra our kid was exposed to stuff he shouldn't have been."

Cindy replied "that's your fault for lying and plus our honest customers had their wedding night ruined by your husband. We're not going to compensate you."

Douglas yelled "we're leaving!"

Douglas and Emily checked out and left angry as if they were the victims of bad service.


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