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Rated: E · Short Story · Mythology · #2258101
Another hp story since im bored in study hall
Name: Ali Mirko Eiburi
Age: 15
Fav color: Blue and white
Height: 5’4”
Sign: Libra
Nationality: Japanese/British
Inspiration: Flowers, reading, school
Fav food: Duck
Current mood: tired
House: Ravenclaw
Wand type: Ash wood with a unicorn hair core 12 ½ inches

Name: Detsuki Baku Eiburi
Fav color: Red
Height: 5’9”
Sign: Aries
Nationality: Japanese/British
Inspiration: ….
Fav food: Sushi
Current mood: Sleep deprived
House: Hufflepuff
Wand type: Elder wood with a veela hair core 10 inches

Name: Tobi Mark Nelson
Age: 16
Fav color: Yellow
Height: 5’6”
Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: British
Inspiration: Bees, gaming
Fav food: Tacos?
Current mood: Annoyed
House: Slytherin
Wand type: Hawthorn wood with a rougarou hair core 13 inches


Detsuki walked with Ali to the library, seeming sleep deprived since he stayed up studying all night. He yawned and tiredly walked into the library going to search for a mythical creature book. Ali was already reading his first two books, seeming interested.

Ali seemed to be in his own little world before he jolted dropping the book when someone hit his glasses off. He looked around panicked as he tried to find them hearing a familiar chuckle. "Shove off Tobi!" Detsuki snarled and helped Ali find his glasses.

Tobi scoffed and went to leave annoyed by Detsuki. Ali went to run off holding his books and ran straight to his dorm. Detsuki grumbled and walked past a few gryffindors getting weird looks since he was walking towards the black lake. He sat down on a dock and stared out into the lake. He knew about the merpeople and seemed interested in them.

Draco took notice to Detsuki and scoffed. "What Malfoy?" Detsuki asked not even looking over but somehow knew he was staring. "Seems you have a death wish. Merpeople are dangerous." Draco chuckled and Detsuki glared clearly not finding it funny.

"Merpeople just don't like people swimming near their homes." Detsuki stated and went to get up. He yelped when he tripped and ended up scraping his knees. Draco scoffed and laughed finding it funny but Detsuki clearly didn't since when he tried to walk it bled more.

Draco scoffed but helped with his knees before going to leave. Detsuki found this weird but limped back to the castle clearly in pain and leaned on the door.

Ali went over to help his brother but Detsuki just imped to his room and jolted since Draco pinned him. He grew flustered but tried moving wincing. "Pfft stop being pathetic." Draco scoffed but Detsuki tried moving since Draco was hurting him. "D-draco you're h-hurting me...." Detsuki whined and Dracoo scoffed letting go and Detsuki quickly went to his room embarrassed and flustered.

Detsuki curled up on his bed and he could hear Ali getting picked on but didn't dare move. Ali tried walking past Tobi but got yanked back and jolted. "Tobi let me go!" He squeaked but got saved by nearly headless Nick telling everyone to get to class.
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