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Look what they're constructing! (Winner, Cramp!)
So I was on my way to my cousin's place. She was giving her Final College exams, and I was giving my Intermediate Exams. We'd planned to study together.

Now, don't ask 'study what?'

When my cousin and I got together, we studied our comics. We studied the latest movie magazines. We studied the taste of chocolate pastries ordered from the pastry shop conveniently across the street. We even studied the subjects we were supposed to study for the exams.

So I was on my way there, to study, when I noticed a sign at the turning. I had to study the sign. On closer inspection, it turned out to be they were constructing something there.


Within five houses of my cousin's house.

They were making a place where handbags were going to be designed and created. They were constructing a historic place, a fantasy land for handbag freaks. And I would be able to visit it every time I went to my cousin's house!

Now –
Snow is Writing Poetry what color was the handbag you've misplaced? See, I need to get you one to replace it, don't I? (Excuse #1 to visit upcoming handbag factory.)
Elycia ☮ you wanted to know about handbags. I'll take you with me to visit my cousin, and we'll go to the factory so you can do your research. It's important. (Excuse #2 to visit upcoming handbag factory.)
Schnujo and Kittiara - we'll see if, in this historic monument that is being constructed, we can win your hearts over and make you handbag owners. (Excuse #3 and #4.)
Jess stands with 🇺🇦 JUST ONE? Hmmm. We'll see about that. (Excuse #5).
And LightinMind when is your wedding anniversary? We'll plan it there. We'll buy your wife nine handbags. You pay for four, I'll pay for five. You'll see there's no such thing as a 'wrong' handbag. (Excuse #6).

So now, my cousin and I can study handbags! With so many WDCers to help! YAYAYAY.

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