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by Romy
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Mmmm delicious!

An item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese or other filling between them to be eaten as a light meal also known as lunch is the definition of a sandwich. The description doesn’t sound appealing and definitely not appetizing.
Let’s add some beauty, as well as mouth-watering accoutrements to the bland food known as lunch. My ultimate sandwich is a personal endeavor of not just one combination of ingredients. Taking this a step or two or further, we will put together my two favorite sandwiches. Or perhaps three, if we have the inclination to construct a tempting delight.
The first in descending order is a BLT, for the novice, this is bacon, lettuce, and tomato.
Begin with two slices of day-old toasted multigrain bread, lightly spread each with mayonnaise, add 2 ½ medium sliced non-refrigerated vine tomatoes, add 4 to 5 fresh iceberg lettuce leaves. Although this type of salad green holds no nutritional value, the crunch as one bites into a leaf cannot be denied. As we continue with the sandwich, add two slices of crisp warm bacon. Now, cover with the other prepared slice of bread, and cut in half as two triangles or rectangles.
Pick up a half, take a medium bite, feel and savor the crush of the toast, lettuce, bacon, juiciness of the tomato and creamy flavor of the mayo as they mingle in the mouth. Add a few ridge-type potato chips and a pickle, if it suits you, as a side and mmm… enjoy. A cold beer, preferably Guinness, or ice tea will add an additional taste.
The second favorite sandwich is a toasted whole wheat bagel, cut in half with a light schmear (spread) of cream cheese on each side, add two or three cold thin slices of smoked lox (a/k/a cured salmon), slice of red onion, a spritz of fresh lemon, and medium size capers on top or as an alternative, mix capers with cream cheese. As you bite into the half bagel, allow the aroma of the lox, along with all the other fixings, waft into your nostrils. Now that is a traditional delight.
Sandwich number three is an easy fix of protein and sweetness. Take two slices of whole-wheat bread, spread creamy name-brand peanut butter on each, cut sandwich in quarters, with cold apple slices as a side, add a beverage to wash down the creaminess of the peanut butter, and there you have a filling lunch. If feeling adventurous, place a few thin pieces of banana to the sandwich.
So, there you have my personal recommendations for good ol’ American easy-to-put-together sandwiches. All of which I do relish, (couldn’t resist the pun) eating.


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