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Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2258140
WDC Birthday Bash: Entry Day 9

          Why don’t we make a cake? Worst part of the entire birthday is the birthday song. You have to stand in front of everyone for a whole 20.61 seconds and longer if your name has more than two syllables! And even longer if your dad sings any slower than mine. What do you do while they sing the song for 20.61 seconds as you stand in front of everyone? Do you look everyone in the eyes? No, I tried that and I got even more embarrassed. What do you do with your hands? Wave? I get stage fright here(there is no stage but, same difference).
         Let’s put some icing on top, shall we? They don’t only sing it before cake, they sing it when you wake up and before you open your presents and as soon as you read the first card that says happy birthday! Like what do you even say after they finish singing? Thank you? That just doesn’t seem right, mustn't there be a speech? So here I stand in front of everyone unsure what to do with my hands and eyes for 20.61 never ending seconds.
         Why not add sprinkles too? Your brother decides to tell everyone at your church. Now you have to stand in front of all those people as they sing the never ending birthday song to you, as you stand awkwardly in front with your hands behind your back as all these questions and thoughts go through your head during that 20.61 second song. Tell me what am I to do during those long seconds of my birthday?

Shall we eat it?
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