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Just thinking about our past terrors.
Terror can strike at anytime in the day or in the night.
On 9-11 it struck in open day light,turning day into night .
On that dark day/night many a man and woman died.
Needlessly they died there was no good cause.
Remembering trying to reach close kin in the areas where it all began.
Not knowing for sure if they were okay,knowing full well many were not .
We must never forget what happened ever.
If we forget will be destined to repeat this terrible time.
If we fail to learn all the lessons posed here we will have repeat.
We must remember it all even the hero’s,the ones fighting to save their fellow man.
We must remember all the good even in the mist of all the bad.
Every neighbor near and far that helped with the cleaning up,the confronting of others.
Every person that help bury our dead,everyone that cried and prayed with us ,stayed with us.
We must never forget the good or the bad.
9-11 no we will not forget but how will we now live because of it?
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