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Don't just throw our freedoms away like they are to be taken for granted. They are not!
Was the Veteran’s Fall For Naught?
Our freedom isn't free.
It was with many lives bought,
By men being all they could be.

We take so many things for granted
And then we throw them all away.
We don't value the seeds planted
By so many so far away

The soldier fighting on foreign soil
Giving all for what they believe in.
Freedoms won with so much toil.
We must stop to look within.

We must consider what we are throwing away
Or we will look back with much sorrow and say,
“Why were we so foolish back in the day?
Now our nerves are all in a fray!”

Why did we take their sacrifices for granted?
Now our freedoms have all gone away.
We valued socialism and enchanted.
Now we are going to truly pay!

Be careful what you wish for.
Is a new America what you really want?
Before our freedoms are no more,
Don't make the veteran’s fall for naught.

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