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Flash Fiction 300 Words
The ocean bed buzzed, fish darted, swerved, and circled. Tomorrow, the "Annual Shark Tooth Hunt," would take place. The Grand Prize the biggest catch of the year.

Rocky Rockfish sped home. His first year to be eligible, he needed to convince mom, he could win. He wouldn't mention his dream just the prize - Dolphin Cruise Lines, trip on the luxurious "Moon Tide Dolphin," bound for the Florida ocean bed.

"Mom, I need to ask you something. I want to hunt, I can zip, turn, and swim fast.

"Son, you're small fish compared to others, They're out for blood. You're no match for Pout-Pout Puffer, he wins every year. Think of the dangers- hills, valleys, Abyssmal Plain and those horrible trenches."

"Please, let me go."

"I can't stop you, but I don't like it. Don't go near those trenches."

The next morning, Rocky, hovered behind the starting line; his competitors flexed their fins, swished their tails and called him "Minnow Face."

With the shot of the gun, Rocky took out, already behind he remembered his plan, head to Tonga Trench. Just like his dream, he circled and dived into the tunnel and swam to the rock. He swished his tail beneath the boulder uncovering a rare megalodan tooth. With no time to waste, he covered the tooth.

Above him, Pout-Pout shot through the water and torpedoed the rock. Rocky dashed inside the basalt, found a pocket and hid. Pout-Pout banged his pouch against the rock and finally gave up.

Rocky raced to the "Barracuda Excavating Company," to get the tooth retrieved and won the contest.

Later, Mama fish apologized for doubting him,

"OK, I admit I under-estimated you. My little Rocky you lived up to your name."

"Yes, Mom and I think Pout-Pout is living up to his."

300 Words
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