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Mills came near to losing his identity.
Seafood And Eat It

Mills Hampshire loved his beachfront castle. The crashing of the waves and sloughing winds lulled him to sleep every dawn.
“I love a good storm too, thunder is invigorating! As for lightning, I can do without it for obvious reasons.”
Mills had a unique dilemma. During a recent feeding frenzy, he’d managed to lose a tooth. Since that fateful evening of the full moon, he’d been unable to eat his usual fare.
“I’m starving,” he ranted. There was only one answer.
“Tonight, I’ll see if I can catch some fish,” he vowed.

As night fell, Mills ventured out. He spotted a school of tuna and dove down to capture one. The wiggling burden was slippery and heavy, but he managed to suck out its juices, then drop it back into the ocean.
“A different experience to say the least,” he told his mother the next evening.
He continued his nightly fishing for months. Mills began to feel unlike himself. He began having trouble breathing. Making an emergency appointment with both his doctor and a dentist, he was quick to be on time.

“Well, Miles. What’s going on with you?” his doctor asked.
He explained what happened and what he had to do to feed. The physician shook his head.
“Our kind are not meant to feed on fish and the like. If you don’t cease immediately, you will develop gills!”
The dentist was next. After inspecting the hole in his gum where the blood fang had been, he fitted him with a prosthetic so he could go back to his usual food when eating.
Mills was ecstatic when he could go back to sucking blood from his usual warm-blooded victims. But every now and then, he got a craving and went fishing to supplement his diet.

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