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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Cultural · #2258259
A tribute to a tragedy from 20 years ago
Gemini Falls

Twenty years and counting,
since the twins, they fell;
towering and mounting,
time lost within life's well

Lost but not forgotten,
a bookmark for our times;
viewpoints skewed, besotten,
in faceless, graceless crimes

Concrete, steel landscapes,
peaks that climbed so high;
metal birds fall... eagles' hearts break,
as they tumble from the sky

Falling, fumbled groundward,
the weight of grief, it holds;
with answers found, unfounded,
and questions lost, untold

Left amidst the debris,
this savannah that we pave;
sifting through the loose scree,
seeking pieces we can save

as time continues, mounting,
forging memories in folds;
twenty years and counting,
... the gravity still holds
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