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A tale about a bear and his birthday.
Once upon a place and time, there lived a Papa Bear
whose children and whose relatives were scattered everywhere.
He sacrificed his Mama Bear to someplace far away
to help their daughter tend to cubs who challenged day to day.
Which left the Papa all alone, except for Zeus, his cat--
an often snoring, but adoring, feline friend at that.

Though loathe to call it drudgery, each day the Papa strode
kilometers to work then back into his bare abode.
Except for Zeus, his cat, of course who rubbed his legs and mewed,
adoring, but imploring Papa Bear to give him food.
With Zeus content and Papa spent, each night the latter read
and made a lap where Zeus would nap until ‘twas time for bed.

A lesser bear might whine and swear about his lot in life,
but he felt fueled, though distantly, by love from kids and wife.
And yet, as days blurred into weeks, then months this Papa chose
to opt for hibernation well before the tundra froze.
This Papa’d rather sleep than spend his birthday on his own.
Which meant adoring, now exploring Zeus must fend alone.

Imagine, then, when Mama Bear arrived to find her mate,
not greeting her with open arms, but in a dormant state.
Decision-wise, her planned surprise seemed destined now to fail,
where only Intervention could resuscitate her tale.
Since Mama Bear would never dare to wake her sleeping spouse.
she packed her bag about to leave the house.

When Zeus, unheeding, started kneading on his Papa’s chest.
(With exploring this adoring feline friend was unimpressed.
And even though, it’s long before this ally wastes away,
his motive might be more a matter of a lack of prey.)
But anyway, in time the poking ended in success.
The roaring and the growling, all expected nonetheless.

When Papa Bear saw Mama there, he stopped his rant midstream.
He scratched his belly, then he said, “I must be in a dream.”
“Oh no,” she said. “It’s really me. I came to bring you cheer.
Your birthday’s time to celebrate, not hibernate, my dear.
And thanks to Zeus’s doggedness, you’ve risen from your trance.
Now, shower up and be prepared to dine, indulge and dance!”

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