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My reflections of a life that seems to have been in vain.
Is this all that’s left after all the years of hard work
trying to do right, only to be left with bad memories
I listen to the rain…
as it falls gently through the trees
I feel the chill of the night breeze as it
courses over me
The wail of sirens remind me of
the fragility of life
Loneliness washes over me like
A tidal wave on the beach
The need to weep is strong but
my eyes remain dry
This is the loneliest I’ve felt in
A long time
I feel as though I could lie down
and get up no more
Now as I grow old why must I feel so lonely
and only be a shell of the man I once was
Life is painful now and no pill exists
to relieve the pain, or this feeling of uselessness

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