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Summary / Review of the character of Ociee Nash - An Adventurous Young Girl *
I have found a young 9 years old - Ociee Nash - a very adventurous girl without any doubt. Throughout the movie her actions are very stimulating. Ociee is the heroine of the movie and her executions are just marvellous even though she lives such a crucial childhood but she is so confident whatever she does. Unfortunately Ociee's mother has died before and she lives with her father and brothers. Well Ociee does not behave like a girl, rather she portrays the character of a tomboy. She knows how to climb the tree or how to walk smoothly on stones. Her getup is also like a tomboy, she likes to wear gallace. She likes to do stunts all the time. She is a bubbly young girl but having this she really knows the worth of humanity. Ociee's nature is very kind; somewhere in the movie she saves the life of her friend without caring about her own life and she is only 9 years old even I couldn't believe that when I was watching the movie. Well the stereotypes are the part of Ociee's life to be a girl she suggests to behave and also to look like a girl by her father though it was very tough for Ociee to bring such change in her personality. Her aunt teaches her the ethics of womanhood. The brave Ociee accepts the reality and somehow tries to understand the teachings of her aunt. Though such change was not less than any challenge to her, Ociee doesn't quit from her surroundings and at the end Ociee's strength and her commitment wins the heart of everyone.

The character of Ociee Nash is highly recommended to watch to everyone, especially to females of all ages because her character gives the message of bravery, commitment, hope and struggle. And yes, Ociee's life and her character reminds me of the quote of - Roy T . Benneth (Author) - "You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone because change begins at the end of your comfort zone".

Highly recommended Movie! -The Adventures of Ociee Nash (2004).
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