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Just a poem about the ocean.
The cool surface of the water beckoning;
I slowly slide in, letting the coolness envelope me.
My head underwater, I hear nothing;
I open my eyes, and see a whole new world awaiting.
I swim to the surface, take a deep breath;
And plunge right in, the water cool and wet.
I swim forwards, inspecting bright coral;
I feel the rough, ragged surface and smile.
I swim a bit further, and see an oyster, open it, and collect the delicate pearl within;
I swim to the surface once again, and inspect it closely.
The pearl is smooth, and almost fluorescent;
I place it against my lips, and it’s soft.
I put it with my other things, and then I dive back in;
I see a turtle, swimming with family;
The little ones come near, unafraid.
The mother turtle makes a sound;
And the babies go back and they swim away.
I go back up, grab my underwater breathing device;
And come back, exploring everywhere.
I sit at the bottom of this beautiful reef;
And I think.
I think about my life;
I think about the lives of the animals in the ocean.
I think about the world, becoming more polluted by the second;
I think about what I can do to help this issue.
I think about how time has never really started;
How time will probably never end.
I think about endless possibilities;
I think about everything, from the sky to the sea.
And I become the water;
I become the earth.
And I realize, that I didn’t become;
I already was.
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