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Dino's Birthday
Prompt 1

It's your creature's birthday and the big surprise is...

Dino was just a month-old puppy, when he was brought to my sister’s house. She was not keen for a pet. But her husband Mahi, thought it fit for her to have some company during his long trips to the border area. As an army officer, he was often away from home to army camps variously located. They lived in a remote place where visitors were few and far between.

Dino wasn’t very healthy when he first arrived. Mahi, who loved dogs, observed the little dog’s dullness and poor appetite. He took him to the vet who, on examination concluded that Dino didn’t have a major health issue. Being very young he was trying to adjust to food and other creature needs of a dog.

Gradually, he recovered from being inert to being extremely energetic and happy. Soon he adapted to the routine of the family. The master would take him for an early outing in the morning to the nearby woods. Then they go to the park for playing ball with Dino fetching, run a bit and sit for a while on the bench facing an open ground of green turf, and breathe in a lot of oxygen from the fresh air.

On returning home Dino and his master get their breakfast and start their respective day. Dino would get some green beans and few slices of apples beside the pieces of bread that his master gave him. His water was in a covered pot from which he drinks to his fill.

Once Mahi left for office, Dino would go around the house and would relax in the living room before the TV. He never barked at the familiar neighbors who would drop in for a short chat with my sister. Dino would have his lunch and dinner with the master and the mistress.

The master fell sick suddenly. And Dino missed his presence and the morning walk he had with him. The silence in the house and my sister’s sadness were beyond his understanding.

The unfortunate passing of the master was shocking for the whole family. Her son, a young army colonel, opted to take Dino with him to the town where he worked. His small daughters, Megha and Varsha were excited.

Dino adjusted to the new surroundings and conditions. He had a lot of fun with the kids. Things would have been fine but for some misunderstanding cropping up between the families. Dino was not wanted anymore.

Two army personnel have brought him by train. My sister received him at the station. It was heartening for her to see Dino jumping and wagging his tail at the sight of his mistress.


A voice message from her grand kids was waiting for her on reaching home with Dino.

“Happy Birthday Dino! We love you.”

My sister was pleasantly surprised that it was Dino’s birthday. Mahi wrote down Dino’s date of birth in their book of events, which the kids noticed.

Word Count: 499

Written for Creature Features Contest hosted by Snowball Angel On the Rise

Received First place honor in the above contest. September 2021.

Thank you, Angelica.
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