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Teachers Teach. Students Learn. Is that it? (Joint Winner, Cramp.)
In the classroom, when you ask
"What's important for the exam?"
I must reply, I have a task,
With chapters and a study plan.

Yet I feel that I am lying
Because in the exam of life
It's not about marks, but about trying
About creating peace and handling strife.

It's all about love and gratitude
About the health of body, soul and mind
It's all about a humble attitude
And the wisdom to be kind.

"But what about fortune? What about fame?
Aren't those important too?"
"Not as much as playing a fair game
Of doing the very best that you can do."

You won't find this in your syllabus
Nor in any prescribed text
Yet it's something that all of us
Must learn to survive, to exist.

It's not on the timetable
It's not in the schedule
And we teachers grapple
How to impart this in school.

You come here to learn each day
And we're supposed to teach
There are courses for which you pay
And goals we must help you reach.

But there's something unspoken
Undetected, Intangible
Values that must not be broken
That we impart if we're able.

It's not covered by your fees
Nor by our salary
It's above and beyond these
A responsibility we must carry.

It's difficult, it's very slow
(Why didn't I stick to grading?)
But every good teacher knows
It's what makes this job rewarding.

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