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The biggest treat of all comes first.
On her birthday - such a treat
Visiting a restaurant to eat!
"Can we go now? Now? Please?"
But her Mamma seemed to tease.

"Not yet, child, patience, my dear
First we go and offer a prayer.
At the temple, you'll bow your head,
You'll give thanks," Mamma said.

The child, being young, didn't understand
She yanked her Mamma by the hand.
"All that can wait, I want this first,"
Louder and louder – an outburst.

The mother carried her to the shrine
Where, in the presence of the divine
The child calmed, then smiled in delight
"Mamma, get me a candle to light!"

She felt peace upon her, she could wait
The calm that filled her was truly great.
Hugging each other they did pray,
"My lovely daughter, happy birthday!"

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