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Flash fiction contest. Under 300 words using the words: circle, butterfly and camera.
The baby monitor was silent. Usually that was a good thing, but Sarah sat up, reached over and shook her husband.

"Something's wrong!" She said.

Gary didn't immediately grasp the importance of her statement and rolled over.

"Gary, wake up. Something's wrong!" As she spoke, she sprung from the bed.

The message penetrated the fog of sleep and slapped Gary across the face, he sat up, saw his wife disappearing through the bedroom door and knew enough to follow.

Sarah threw the door to the nursery open. Her homemade mobile turned slowly above the crib, the glass BUTTERFLY reflected the dim light from the hall and threw pink shadows around the room.

She rushed to the crib.

Gary, now steps behind her, blurted, "What's wrong, what happened?"

"Oh my God."

"What, what is it?" asked Gary, panic now in his voice.

"He's gone, Kyle is gone!"

They stared at the crib, frozen. A piece of paper lay on the tiny mattress.

Sarah grabbed it and read aloud.

"He is ours. If you try to find us, the pain and anguish you feel will pale in comparison to what we're capable of."

It was signed with a CIRCLE, two dots and a smile...a smiley face.

Sarah dropped the note and crumbled to the floor.

"The CAMERA!" Gary blurted. He ran back to the bedroom, opened the laptop and pulled up the nursery feed.

Gary held his breath and watched the images from the past hour flicker by. Sarah came into the frame, picked up their child, walked to the window and tossed Kyle out like he was garbage.

As Gary tried to understand what he was watching, Sarah stood behind him, her eyes glassy and fixed on the screen.

"That's not me," she whispered, plunging a knife into Gary's back.
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