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Eddy struggles with caring too much but doesn't know how to channel his emotions.
Eddy Echidna, “you’re in trouble again.”
Yelled his very cranky and exhausted nan.
Eddy smiled and flashed his shiny white teeth,
But deep dark anxiety was hiding just underneath.

Everyone knew Eddy as the clever, bright spark,
But when alone, his thoughts were scary and dark.
Always thinking, worried about the changing world,
Sad and anxious about the future and all it held.

Too much news filled the air,
Too much trauma and despair,
He didn’t quite know what it all meant,
He’d lay in bed, and his thoughts would torment.

"Eddy, Eddy, are you listening to me"? His cranky Nan said.
"Okay, child, I just don't know what goes on in your head."
Eddy's feelings were bruised and hurt,
His emotional energy always on alert.

He was tired and just needed a little compassion,
His spirit cringed when forced into confrontation.
Turning to his Nan, he said, "I’m sorry, Nan, I'm just so sad."
I don't mean to be naughty; I don't mean to be bad.

Nan looked into his deep sad eyes,
She felt his truth, saw no lies.
"I’m sorry, Eddy, for being too demanding."
"When what you need is gentle understanding."

She bent down and kissed his cheek,
No need for words, no need to speak.
Her eyes softened and twinkled bright,
Nan flashed a smile, beamed 'goodnight'.

As Eddy started to drift asleep,
He made himself a promise he knew he’d keep.
“Tomorrow, I’m going to stop living in fear,
I’ll talk about life, challenges and things I hold dear.”

And as his Nan had walked away, she said to herself
“I swear, my boy, to support your emotional health.”
His Nan now saw, what she’s failed to see,
That sweet little Eddy struggled with too much empathy.
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