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An off-season camping trip (Winner, Cramp!)
How do I tell her that I love her?
How do I show how much I care?
I know - she enjoys camping
I'll take her to camp, and propose there!

I hope she likes the ring I've bought
I don't know much about jewelry
The only thing I'm good at choosing
Is the stuff you get in a brewery!

Okay - tent, backpack, sleeping bags
There's nothing I've forgotten
The picnic basket's in the car
We're really going to have some fun.

We have the camp ground to ourselves
And there's a good reason
This isn't peak time for outdoors
In short, it's off-season.

We're going to be here three days
I'll propose on the second
One day to warm up, another to celebrate
That's the way I've reckoned.

I'm not good with pegs and ropes
She's worked to put up the tent
It's okay, she enjoys camping
The opportunity is heaven-sent.

We'd eaten the dinner my Mom packed
Now we're watching the sky
The stars, the moon, the fluffy clouds
Look down on this girl and guy.

Everything is quiet and still
There's no one for miles around
We kiss, we cuddle, soon we're naked
Making love on the soft, grassy ground.

We don't notice the clouds get black
We don't hear the thunder rumbling
We're only aware of the storm
When the icy rain comes tumbling.

She catches a cold, we must go home
"Atishoo! What's that? Atishoo!"
I'm down on my knees with the ring
"Atishoo! Yes, I'll marry youuuuu."
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