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Expressing the mystical is notoriously difficult
I've dreamt the lines, and you know what that means.
Traced the veves on the ground in flour and spoken,
In a voice not my own. Streamed syllables in obedience,
To the ancient tongue. Reverberation, sound expanding,

Filling the space, the emptiness. For between us is a chasm
That is as naught. These are the dreams of Orpheus.
Divine in harmony, the sacred, separation of notes, blending,
Extending, sound expanding. Fills the ocean unconscious.

Swallowing the ego whale deep. Lets it fall, deep in sleep.
Slumbering incomprehension of a waking transformation.
Transcending all dichotomy. Revealing unity inseparable.
A dream of the Word, who is dreamt, and reciprocally dreams.

Reading revelation, between the lines. Reverberation,
A restoration, swelling, gravid. Sound expanding,
Sweet perception of a pattern repeated, with variation, play and fugue,
Interwoven, shaped and swirled, the lines I've dreamt.
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