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A late night love story
the sun enflamed a thousand clouds
to furnish its funeral pyre
which baleful blazed, stained bright in
grief as it bled in its final hour

and grey tattered shreds of their burnt
remains served as its mourning shrouds.
then twilight spread, shapeless dread
as all the light leached from the sky

and shadows sidled so stealthily
through blackened trees and heavy sighed
till still, chill darkness engulfed and
enveloped them extinguishing

every trace, all encompassing
in its seamless passing, hour by
moonless hour. fields becoming a
patchwork stitched with many a neon

thread, picked out with the fast moving
headlights of all those who travel
by night. harshly lit, the car park
of the transport cafe is nearly

empty save for a lorry or
two. inside sits Tess who is large
and largely ignored. she sups at
a brew as she is wont to do

when she passes this way. for no
hope in her heart does her longing
impart as she waits in case the
man of her dreams happens to come

in. already she's been here too
long but her desire to see him's
so strong, then a police car pulls
into the park and she gives an

involuntary start. a man
in blue puts his head through the door
casts his gaze round the room, caught her
frightened glance which quite sealed her doom.

“That your lorry out there?” he asked
with a stare “yes. yes it's mine” she
replied, stomach churning inside
“you've a light out” said he “you had

better come see” and he turned with
unspoken command, and Tess then
followed him round to the rear of
her load, and a kiss on her lips

he bestowed. pressed her tight in his
arms, so she forgot all her qualms
her loneliness died as from a
pocket he pried a ring to make

her his own. there's not too much more
to be said, from a cold night to
a warm bed, a wedding is planned
and the rest of their lives unfold.
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