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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Drama · #2258555
Daily Flash Fiction 9/16/21 W/C 294

Try Again

We’ve been apart for ten years. Time to get together again. Mark sat at a table in what used to be our favorite restaurant. I stood in the door, was I really doing this?

“Well, hello again. You look good.” He really didn’t age well, I thought to myself.

“Hi yourself,” I rose to meet her. Jane looked the same. How was that possible?

“I was surprised when you contacted me on Facebook.”

“Well, your pictures got my attention. You went to the class reunion?”

“It was our 25th after all. I wanted to see everyone, didn’t you?”

“No, high school was evil. I don’t care about those people.”

We looked at each other for a few moments.

“I got a new job. Finally, someone recognizes my talent.”

“You always did have talent, but never the confidence.”

“So now I have some confidence to ask you something.”

“Oh really? What’s on your mind?”

“I’ve been thinking. Let’s try it again. What do you think?”

We again sat looking at each other. We were married for ten years, divorced for ten more. The death of Katie threw us into a tailspin. The anger just now had started to ebb. Katie died in an accident. Strange actually. During an outing at a water park, the water slide fell on her. Everyone blamed everyone, unfortunate accident they said as they gave us the blood money.

“You mean get back together? Really? Have you forgotten Katie?”

“You know I haven’t. I miss her, I miss you, I miss us.”

“I don’t know. So much time. So much pain.”

“Then let’s stop the pain. Use what time we have left.”

“Can you forgive the way I treated you?”

“Only if you forgive the last words I said.”

“Already forgotten.”

W/C 294

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