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Possibly a mission statement for my writing journey. It's my purpose, it's about a dream.
I have resolved myself to accomplish all things hoped for and dreamt about. There is no option for failure and the reason I know this to be true is because all things are coming together and I didn't have to rework, force or manipulate anything. I'm grown and full of myself - not in a haughty way, but as a woman, who has realized her vision.

*This will be a year of adequate preparation for my goals and dreams. I am holding true to those things within my control. I will stay where I am supposed to be and there is no way to fail if this is what God has ordained, promised and assured me. It's mine, all waiting to be claimed.

*I'm going to utilize the blanket effect, keep my eyes on my own paper. If it's not edifying or lifting me up, why bother? Let's ignore or avoid all those things that once held us hostage, emotionally. This is a solid plan and I must utilize it.

*I don't feel fear but I do feel strange taking on this endeavor and knowing this will be a great mountain and my hands may get weary, there may be oceans of disappointments and although my legs will get tired, I will run that extra mile in this marathon of my life. With each stride, I may be worn down . . . yet I fight. The thought of giving up this race is out of the question.

I no longer lament over 'why' as that only fed my weary, disenchanted soul. My spirit is unchangeable. If I want it, I have to go get it; if not me, then who? My time is now.

My heart is a flutter and my limbs sometimes shutter because I'm afraid I won't get all the ideas in my head out before my time is up. I'm off and running. Afraid but eager, too.


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