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by bas
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2258600
Inter dimensional travelers see a shocking future.
"Are you not done with your experiments ?"
"No captain, I need more time." Mimi looked down, not sure how to handle the situation.
"You had said you needed 10 earth months for completing your study." Zimi's commanding voice demanded answers.
"I underestimated a lot of things about earth, I need more time now." Mimi tried to sound as assertive as he could manage in front of the captain.
"That is not acceptable." Zimi stared at her hoping for a better explanation.

"We have all the data we had come to collect." Kimi's voice, who had accompanied Mimi on the mission interrupted , "It’s time to go home."
"Did you even see the results of the analysis of our data ? " Mimi waved her hands to create a holographic display.

A huge chart appeared in front of them."This is the analysis of positive and negative energy patterns, of past and future"

"Analyzing this is not our job." Zimi showed no interest to listen.

"Look at this." Mimi pointed at specific point marked, earth year 2020, "Do you see the surge in negative energy here?"

Zimi and Kimi looked stared in disbelief.

"That is a catastrophic level event, two earth years from today." Mimi continued, "Don't you think they should be warned ?"

Zimi recovered from the shock and looked up from the chart . "That looks ominous, but you have to remember the one rule of inter dimension travel." Zimi paused.
"None of our actions should change the destined timeline" Mimi completed it in a whisper.
"Yes, so we can do nothing about it. "

As their flight took off from the surface, Mimi looked down at earth and thought "You are a tough species, am sure you will emerge out victorious out of whatever is about to happen."
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