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Fun Friday is ruined when Hannah brings her drama to work. Will they survive until 5?
“What do you mean she’s moving in with you?” Hannah’s shrill voice rose over the cubicle wall. “You never asked me to move in with you!”

Mindy raised her eyebrow at Celene, the middle age woman in the cubical across from her. Celene shook her head and continued typing. It was bad enough that Hannah was the CEO’s daughter. She got away with spending all day on the Internet and personal calls, but today she had been fighting with her boyfriend. Fridays were usually relaxed and fun, but this day had been a soap opera since Hannah stormed in the office this morning ranting about a strange car in her boyfriend’s driveway.

The clock read 4:40 p.m. Could she and Celene survive twenty more minutes of this drama?

“Where did this tramp come from anyway?” Hannah shouted. “Is it that bar you go to with your buddies while I’m at yoga on Thursday? I should have known to keep a dog like you on a tighter leash! No wonder you woke up this morning with a filthy --”

A swan paperweight flew from Hannah’s cubicle, smashing against the wall next to Celene’s cubicle. “I better not have a disease or there will be hell to pay!”

Celene reached in her bottom desk drawer and pulled out her purse. “It’s time to go home.”

Mindy shut down her computer, grabbed her purse, and followed Celene out of the back door. They breathed a sign of relief in the sunshine of the warm parking lot.

“What now?” Mindy asked.

“Go home and have a good weekend. We’ll find out what happened on the next episode of ‘the days of Hannah’s life’ Monday.”

They laughed as they parted ways for the weekend.

Word Count: 290
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