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Daily Flash Fiction 9/17/21 W/C 295

They're Here!

The sun set after a long hot day. No wind, no rain, just another long hot day. Jules was exhausted. He lay on the porch swing, longing for a breeze, just a little puff of air.

It started as a little riffle that moved the table cover next to him. Then a wind that got all the leaves turned upside down. Suddenly a gale caused the trees to bend to the ground.

Jules fell to the porch floor. “What in the world is happening?”

A voice rose above the wind. “It’s time to go home. We’re here for you.”

Wendy came onto the porch. “Are you alright? That wind is really picking up! Let’s get the pillows and chairs inside.” She started gathering up loose items.

“Did you hear someone talking out here?” Jules asked Wendy.

“What? I can barely hear you with this wind. Here, take this chair inside.”

Once inside, Jules asked again. “Did you hear someone out there talking?”

“What? No, just that wicked wind blowing the trees and everything off the porch.”

“I could swear someone told me they were here for me.”

“Now, Jules, who would be here for you?”

The two stood looking out the screen door. The wind still blew.

“I don’t know. No one knows we’re here.”

“Exactly. We’re in a wilderness area. The only ones that knew we were coming are the B&B owners. Why would they come looking for us? They’re out of town.”

“It’s time to go home.”

Jules slammed the main door. “There it is again! Hear that?”

“Nope, only hear the wind howling. Quite a storm.”

He looked out the window, turned back to Wendy. “Oh my god. They’re here. But I won’t go!”

Wendy opened the door. “He’s in here!”

W/C 295
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