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A small way to encourage love of self.
For the poor guy, who works hard to support his family,
and who struggles to honestly make a dollar out of 15 cents.
For the girl, who's isolated, lonely and miserable with a house full of kids,
and who dreams daily of slitting her wrists.
For the young man, who can't read or write, he's so unhappy
and who excels in a variety of sports.
For the pretty girl, who's got a lot of different boyfriends all over the place,
and who is hiding the fact that she's been molested.
For the good-looking boy, who is a bully
and who is told daily, he is not loved, but instead, hated.
For the lonely old woman, who is ornery, mean and obnoxious,
and who's real secret is, how great her pain is because she's alone.
For the old-assed man still in the streets and selling dope,
and who has forgotten, he only started because he was hungry.
For the gritty old man, who drinks all day long,
and who knows that any day he's going to die lonely.
For the children, who go to school everyday in fear,
and those who turn to drugs to make it through the day.
For the kids, who didn't ever hear the words 'I love you',
and who are struggle and never seem to find their way.
For all those, who hate themselves and/or one another,
the is something better.
Lastly, for those of us who have empathy for everyone else
year after year, trust that it gets greater later.
There is just this one thing:
Temporary applies to Everything. I implore you to just wait because
change is never too late. I pray that you may find peace and grace.
Hang in There. It's amazing how different things are within just a few days.
Self-love is real and is possible. Genuine love of self is awesome. It's real.
Life's true goals are to attain life's greatest, ancient artifacts, also known as gifts : good health, faith in something, prosperity, achievement, love, and life's most treasured, wisdom.
This is for all of us who need it - it's love. Love of self is possible and it's beautiful.
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