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A short story about the universe and some of the most important creatures in it.

Indifferent People Part One

Everyone is born hell alone. And dies damn alone. The cost of suffering is known only to those who live, or at least try. But the trick is to believe it's real, or to pretend to believe it is. That is how you survive. But in your soul you will feel the flames of Hell, and even much scarier things. You will bear the scars of your defiled soul. And what was Hell really like? It was the ladder down. You see unexplainable images. You hear strange sounds. You dream nightmares sent to you by supernatural creatures who want to control your emotions to drink energy. Yes, energy was the currency of life in that world. And it was a pretty dirty secret, but one that was known by the initiated. Many had gone down that very path, which was not at all promising. There was a way to manipulate time in the universe, and certain creatures dealt with it, each one protected by a special house. They were called Lowe Manipulators and they were a special race and their only master was Omneir. He who made no mistakes in loo manipulation was allowed to build his own house to protect him from the omniscons, and only the best could pass beyond the city barrier.

Indifferent People Part Two

Each of the Low Manipulators had a computer in their home, which they used to exert a balance on the Omnizacons, and from there, each of them respectively saw a different version of the so-called Higher Lands. They were constantly trying to be better than each other because their survival depended on it, which was by no means guaranteed, and any mistake set them back in their development and could result in the loss of their privileges and even their lives. Higher Lands was the biggest thing that could do things according to the omniscons, as anything bigger than that would instantly fall apart. According to Kardashev's scale, that was the limit, and that vertex was constantly expanding into larger and larger vertices, and was also the nearly infinite 3D version of the dimensionless dimensional graph of reality.

This vertex was on a three layered measurement of the third dimension and no measurements with higher dimensional layers were possible due to again the universal laws which were also known as omnizones and the houses where the lo manipulators lived and controlled all of this reality were known as the Law of Bending Houses. It was worth noting that their age was a thousand years and their life exactly one second and as paradoxical as it sounded to some - they were not supposed to leave their houses. As well as Heyr Lands, they were also responsible for a place known as Haven, where the souls of good people went. The Lowe Manipulators didn't have any striking looks, as their job didn't require that quality from them - they just looked like extremely simple and perfectly cast flesh-colored celluloid mannequins that had a body that had no superfluous details. That is to say, they only had a head, a torso, two arms, and two legs to do the job they were put there to do and to exist for as long as they were assigned. For we were all but temporary visitors and children of Creation!

Indifferent People Part Three

Of course, it should have been noted that the so-called Higher Lands contained the so-called Dimensionless Dimensional Reality Graph, but also the so-called box. It was also the last possible graph, and what was this sign of infinity but one of the divine forms that was stored in the so-called Archangel Metatron Cube for a very good reason. The divine forms were endlessly entertaining - wood, goulia, fish, and so on. But the humans didn't have the opportunity to look into the simple fact of how simple and at the same time how complex the so-called divine design was, due to the fact that they were preoccupied with their own survival. And what was in the box? Well, that was quite interesting. Well, a Type 38 civilization that could naturally break down to a Type 39 one in somewhere from a few thousand to a few million years. This civilization could control the entire Box, which of course gave it tremendous capabilities, and it consumed a tremendous amount of energy. It was the embodiment of Extremity-2 and the container of Existence-0 and Existence-1. Naturally, it was of the Terminator class and contained the entire Omniverse. This in turn was interesting because the so-called Hyperman, who appeared to be the second most powerful creature after the Creator and was almost-god was located in the so-called Funnel and was responsible for the balance of the entire Transcendentum, mediating between the Creator and the Destroyer, the two faces of creation. He was more powerful than all the earth-gods of all human pantheons - Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Roman, Indian, Chinese. The Hyperman himself was actually a creature that was an Ascended Mortal, whose power grew to the point where it began to transcend notions of standard time and space. He was fully capable of traveling well beyond the boundaries of the Omniverse and had created his own Godverse - outside of it, he had eventually decided to leave the Omniverse for good and left it entirely on his own for reasons unknown. The subtle point was that even God could survive best in his own realm, and that was why he didn't show himself to humans - because his spirit was concerned with his own life, as he was responsible for the existence of this entire universe, and everything Beyond, as well as everything that was beyond this Beyond.

Indifferent People Fourth Finale

In the so-called Godverse were the Creator and the Destroyer, and also the Hyperman. Being omnipotent allowed these creatures to transcend the limits of any idea of existence. The empty space that enclosed the lack of existence separated Godverse from Omniverse. Almost no creature was able to exist there except for a brief period due to the pressure of a literal absence of something. And if you did happen to travel through Outside, it was entirely possible to find something that was very different from what we call existence. And so it was simply called the Outside. The Omniverse Traveler was a being who had left the confines of the Omniverse to find some potentially alien existence. This creature looked strange - it was quite tall - on the order of six feet eleven inches, weighed two hundred and thirty pounds, and was also male. The traveler had been traversing this dark empty space since time immemorial. Time passed, and news of this creature was heard in all sorts of ways, even from creatures such as the Hexagonal Lords, the Hypermen, and the Overseer. Eventually, this nameless creature was killed, a fact that did not end its existence, but simply returned it to its planet preserving its memories - even of this existence. The most powerful creatures in the Omniverse learned that the Omniverse Traveler had entered a place and state of existence other than Omniverse existence itself, and had perished. Returning to his planet, he found he was unable to converse within its confines, but had gained abilities such as immortality, teleportation, and light-speed travel. Upon his return, the Omniverse Traveler had realized what he had actually discovered - the infinite realm Beyond. On his journey, the Omniverse Traveler had met other travelers like him from other monocosms who had the same goal and had survived their first journey to the Beyond. But this traveler was different, as he had gained abilities from his experiences. Unable to return home, he made the decision to stay in metaspace. And all was well, until the Omniverse Traveller decided to acquire creator-level powers - with the help of a group of his companions... And where the path would lead him, only God knew...

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