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When CG5's friends get captured, he and his friends have to save them, or are they robots?
YouTubers’ Unite
Written by Alison
Chapter one
“Um, Charlie? What is this? You got a letter in the mail from…”
Charlie took the note from his mom. He gasped as he read it.
“Son, what is it?”
Charles looked at the note, reading it over and over again. He couldn’t comprehend what it was saying. He breathed heavily. “No, no, no, no, no, no!”
“What is it? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Mom. Um, just thought about something I need to do for… music!” He quickly walked to his studio room and closed the door. He felt sorry for leaving his mother and not telling her what happened. Or, what is happening. He sat in his studio chair and logged on to his computer.
All his discord messages were coming in all at once.

Kathy-Chan: Charlie! Did you get a letter? (8:46am)
Celeb Hyles: Charlie, me and Kathy need your help. We got a letter that says OR3O has been kidnapped. (8:20am)
Alison W.: Charlie.. I got a letter that says… (8:11am)

The texts were all related to the letter. Charlie quickly made a group-chat with all his friends that had asked about the letter situation.

CG5: Guys. Yes, I got a letter. I’m scared. Mine says this: -image sent- (9:00am)

Charlie posted an image of what his letter says.
He then typed out, looking over the letter in his left hand, his chest breathing heavy as before, his body all shaking as he typed, his blonde, scraggly hair all messed up from just getting out of bed two hours ago:

CG5: Marshall has been kidnapped too. (9:03am)

Chapter two

Alison W.: Charlie… I think something’s wrong. Is there an address or something on your guys’ thing? A name? 😟

Celeb Hyles: Yes. It says, “Signed, Killer.”

Alison W.: Mine too..

Kathy-Chan: Omg. What does yours say, Charlie?

CG5: What do you mean?

Kathy-Chan: I mean what does your note say all together? 😙

CG5: -sent an image-

Charlie sent an image of the note again.

Dear CG5,

This is a killer. I have your friend here—Dolvondo, is it? With me at this castle I’m in. If you don’t come with in the next day, I’ll…
Kill them.
So choose wisely.
Goodbye now


Charlie cried. He wiped his tears under his black glasses. He couldn’t believe this was happening.


Kathy-Chan: It's okay. What does yours say they’ve uh, got everyone?

Celeb Hyles: The killer said they’ve got OR3O..

Kathy-Chan: Mine too. 😱😱

CG5: Where’s Alison?

Alison W.: Sorry, they’ve got um…. Lily and T-Tiger.


Alison W.: yeah..

Celeb Hyles: Guys, we need to know where the killer is keeping them. Does it say an address or something?

CG5: Uh. Lemme check.

CG5: Yeah. It’s on the back. Castle Redwood street.

Celeb Hyles: Great. Let’s go in one hour from now. 👍

They all logged off and got ready.
Charlie was panicking as he got dressed and combed his hair. He sighed, bracing himself to whatever what will come in the next hour. He opened his studio door and walked out into the hallway.
His mother was out in the kitchen. She looked at Charlie. “Are you okay? You look stressed.”
Charlie sighed. “Y-Yeah, I’m all right. I’m just going out with some friends.”
His mom nodded. “Be safe.”
Charlie went outside and sighed again. He closed the front door and walked onto the concrete.
He walked out the gate and onto the sidewalk.
Okay, let’s do this.. it’s time to save our friends.
CG5 walked off, wishing this would all be a dream. But it wasn’t.

Chapter three
It took a while to walk there, CG5 watching Markiplier videos, but Charlie finally made it.
“What took you so long?” Kathy said.
“I don’t know,”
Celeb sighed. “So, you guys ready?”
Charlie nodded.
They went into the large castle, it having a large staircase upwards.
They all went upstairs and when they got to the top, there were all these doors. But one stood out; a door that had a sign that read: In here.
Charlie took a breath and sighed.
They all; Celeb, Alison and Kathy braced themselves. Charlie too.
Celeb opened the door and stepped in, the group following behind. It was dark in the room, but then a spotlight shone on the floor; showing their friends.
Charlie gasped. “Marshall…”
The four-friend group saw their friends on the floor, chained up, some had their mouths blindfolded and bit down on it.
Lily, she had brown hair and looked like she was about to cry. Her hands were chained.
OR3O, or her real name, Euria, sitting beside Lily on the right of her, if you look in the perspective standing in front of them. Her hands were chained and her mouth blindfolded.
Dolvondo, or Marshall as his name, sitting next to Euria, his hands tied with rope, while the others locked up with tight metal. He flipped his almost-to-black-but-brown hair out of his white-with-fear face. He was Charlie’s best friend, since they were fourteen they met. Marshall looked down, his eyes watery, not wanting to see his friend see him like this.
And lastly, Tiger, the eleven-year-old kid. They didn’t identify as a gender; boy or girl—rather non-bionary, meaning they didn’t identify at all. They were Alison’s friend, and Lily’s too. Tiger had their hands chained. They were crying while the rest held back theirs, Tiger’s face stained with their wetness of water that leaked from their eyes.
Tiger was mouthing to the group, “Help.” But none of them understood.
Then a man, a kind of tall man stepped in the room. He laughed. His hair was dyed red at half, while the other a subtle brown. He walked up to the four-person group and said, “And I thought you guys weren’t gonna show up after how long it took.”
Charlie was mad as he glanced at Dolvondo while saying it, “Let them go right now.”
The man laughed. “Remember me? Maybe you don’t, Charlie, because you’re too busy making video game music that nobody likes!”
That took a hit on CG5.
“Hey! Don’t say that about my friend!” Marshall finally spoke—
“Oh, shut up, you hostage!” the man snapped. “Now. Do you remember who I am?”
Kathy made a hard look at the dyed-hair villain. “M-Markiplier?”
Charlie gasped at the sudden realization. Coincidentally he just watched a video of him.
“But how—”
Markiplier laughed. “Well. To say it this way…” He got a knife out from his pocket. “I always wanted to be a villain. And, now here I am.”
“You sound like Darkipler,” Alison said.
“Don’t bring him into this, girl!”
Alison stepped back a little.
Markiplier chuckled. “Since I caught these little people here, I have to kill them.”
“Alison, please, hel—”
The villain threw the knife, aiming it at Tiger but instead it hitting the wall. Tiger winced. He brushed off his black suit.
“Please, let them go…” Celeb whispered.
“I will. But for an exchange,” Mark raised his eyebrows.
“What exchange?” Alison asked.
Markiplier nodded. “You get to have all the power you want if you wish.”
Charlie stepped in, not letting her decide. “She’s not going with you!”
“Oh really?”
Charlie was getting mad.
Alison yelled, “No, I will not go with you, now let my friends go!”
“I have to take you then,”
Alison screamed as she was grabbed by a guard and pulled away into another room.
“Ali!” Tiger screamed.
Lily yelled for her but Alison was already gone.
“Where are you going with her?” Charlie yelled. His eyes were tearing up.
“Aww, little baby is gonna cry now?” Mark mocked.
OR3O couldn’t take it anymore. Her arms were hurting from the chains. “Let us go, please!” she yelled.
Mark couldn’t stand all the whining and wanting to be let go. He grabbed the knife and put it up to Euria’s neck. “How about I just kill you now, huh? Save us some time?” Mark said in a creepily charming voice.
“Get away from her!” Lily yelled.
Mark growled. His knife was inches away from OR3O’s neck.
Charlie screamed, “No! Get away now!” He ran to Mark, about to hit them, but Mark turned around and pushed Charlie back, him stumbling.
Charlie cried. He bowed his head down and he couldn’t take it anymore. He sat down, sobbing, wishing this would all be a dream. “Please don’t hurt her,” he whispered.
Celeb and Kathy was surprised but not to see Charlie act like this. They stood in silence.
“And what makes you think I wouldn’t?” Mark said, standing up, and turning around, grinning at Charlie’s sobbing like a baby.
Charlie cried, more and more. He wanted to go home.
Tiger sighed. They were starting to cry again too.
Marshall breathed in and out. He sat still, his eyes fading into a trance as he just stared at nothing.
The villain laughed. “You all are weak, I swear to Christ.” He turned back to OR3O, sneering.

Chapter four
“Get away from all of us!” CG5 screamed.
The group shivered as they never heard Charlie scream like that, in defense. But it wasn’t really surprising. He cared about his friends and they cared about him.
“Just, please”—Charlie choked—”l-let them go….”
Mark sighed a heavy sigh. “You know what?” Markiplier, the evil villain of this event, turned around and faced the boy’s face streaming with tears. “Why don’t I just kill you and let these folks go,”
Mark didn’t wait for an answer. He sprung into action and lifted the knife over the music maker’s head.
There was a loud scream coming from the other room.
“Oh yeah, I forgot about her.”
Charlie breathed slowly. If this is what it’ll have to be to save my friends—to be dead—I’ll take it. He closed his eyes, waiting for that knife to come down on him.
Mark laughed. He stepped back. He laughed again. His laugh grew louder and louder.
“Go ahead—laugh before you’re about to kill us!” Lily yelled.
Markiplier laughed hysterically.
Mark laughed hysterically over and over. Tears of joy flooded his eyes.
“You-you really think I’ll kill somebody?” he said.

Chapter five
“What do you mean?” Celeb asked.
“I mean I’m not a murderer. What is this, the ‘Who Killed Markiplier?’ story?” Mark scoffed. “I don’t wanna go to jail!”
“So… you’re not gonna k-kill us?” Tiger questioned.
Mark chuckled. “Ha! No!”
They all were relieved.
Markiplier went and took off the ropes and chains off of the hostages’ hands. He then walked over to CG5, saying, “Oh, get up, boy. You’re not really going to die.”
Charlie looked up at Mark. “Y-You’re not?”
“No! I’ve been saying that for the past minutes!”
Charles stood up, wiping his tears. “Oh,”
“Where’s Ali?” Tiger asked.
“She’s dead.”
“What?” Lily yelled.
Mark chuckled. “Go in the room and check it out.”
Tiger ran into the room and saw Alison curled up in a ball on the floor.
Tiger went over to her and sat down. “Ali?”
Alison opened her eyes quickly. She saw Tiger and cried. “Tiger.. I thought—”
“Turns out that Markiplier wasn’t a bad guy after all. I mean, he did capture us and whatnot but…”
“So he’s not gonna kill you?” Alison sniffled. She sighed out, her voice shaky.
Tiger shook her head.
Alison sat up and hugged Tiger. “You’re my best friend, Tiger. I couldn’t bear losing you.” she whispered.
Lily came in then. “Hey, what about me?”
Alison looked up and saw her other friend. She smiled and waved at her to come join the hug.
Lily joined the hug.
“T-They were threatening me with a knife. I-I thought I was gonna die.” Alison was rubbed by the back by Lily.
“Well, at least we’re safe now.” Lily said.
Charlie stood up and was gonna walk into the room too, but Markiplier stopped him. “Best to leave them alone,” he said.
Charlie nodded and sighed. He looked at Marshall and OR3O.
Charlie, Celeb, and Kathy all hugged their friends.
They all sobbed.
Markiplier almost gagged. “Ugh, I hate that stuff,” He walked away.
Without a goodbye, and Alison and her friends all were happy again, they all headed off to their houses.

Chapter six
Charlie sighed. He brushed his floofy hair out of the way. He got on Discord and checked his messages.
Right before he could read them, his mother came into his studio. “Honey, um, what were you doing the last five hours? I was worried about you, you didn’t bring your phone.”
“What are you talking about? My phone is right here,” He showed his phone to his mom.
His mother was confused but didn’t argue. At least he was safe.
Charlie turned back to the Discord messages. He read them as they came in.

Alison W.: Everyone all right?

Celeb Hyles: Yes, I’m all right. 😜

CG5: I’m all right too.

But something was off about the messages. And Charles could tell that it wasn’t his friends texting.
Charlie realized something. He gasped.

Unknown Sen…: Hello, Charlie. You finally came to the realization.

Charlie was confused.

CG5: What do you mean?

Unknown Sen…: Thought you were smarter. Those weren’t your friends, by the way; robots.

CG5: Robots??

The unknown person sent a picture.
Charlie gasped. The picture showed the real friends locked up. Tiger, Lily, OR3O, Dolvondo, Celeb Hyles, Kathy-Chan, and Alison, looking miserable.
It all made sense; the texts, the emojis, the shyness about saving the friends. Markiplier being the villain. It clicked to Charlie that he just saved robots, not his real friends!

CG5: Give them back! Where’d you put them?

Unknown Sen…: I’ll tell you later.. 🤭

CG5 was gonna respond but his mom called him for dinner. He rolled his eyes and got up, leaving the computer to itself.
Another alert came from Discord.

Alison W.: Charlie! I’m so happy that we’re ali . ve! Good job at getting these YouTubers to reunite!! 😄😄

Unknown Sen…: Heheh. Now do you believe me, Charlie? 😈

The end.

Part two in making.

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