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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
The Invitation

"Are you going to the party?"

“What party?” Joe asked

“Funny,” Ted laughed.

“What party?” Joe said again.

“Really, you didn’t get an invitation? Oh... well you probably haven’t gotten one yet, no worries!” Ted said, uncomfortably. “She’s probably sending them out alphabetically. You know, I’m Barrett, you’re Wells.”

“She?” Joe said, but they both knew who she was.

“Come on Joe,” Ted said, “It’s just a stupid party. Maybe your invitation got caught in a mail machine, that happens you know.”

“Yeah, probably...” Joe said, letting his friend off the hook. Ted knew he had a terrible crush on Sandy and Sandy’s birthday was Saturday. Everybody knew it, because her mother always sent treats to school as they grew up and they were so good everyone talked about them for weeks. Sandy’s birthday was like a special school day in grade school, talked about and anticipated for weeks in advance. Of course once they got to high school, such class parties were out, but still fondly remembered.

Suddenly there was a tap on Joe’s shoulder, he twirled around quickly almost knocking the person down. Reaching out quickly, he grabbed an arm fast, to avert the fall, and found himself hanging on to Sandy.

“Gosh!” she said, “I didn’t mean to startle you!”

“Sandy!” he sputtered.

“Yes, it’s me. You remembered me, we were in homeroom together in sixth grade. I wanted to give you this invitation to my birthday party. I didn’t want it to get lost in the mail,” Sandy said, blushing.

“Yes,” Joe said, “I’ve always remembered who you were.”

Sandy smiled.

“Well,” Ted said, trying to keep from laughing, “I have to run, I need to feed the elephants or something...”

Joe and Sandy were talking softly with each other now, they didn’t even hear him.
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