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Flash fiction
"Are you going to the party?" Caruthers asked, adjusting his wig.

"Ooh yes. It's been a long time since we had a party here at Haddington Hall. What do you think of the newcomers?" Mary skipped excitedly around the room, her skirts flying, revealing a little ankle.

"They must be fun people if they're having a housewarming." Jack removed his flat cap, licked his fingers, then flattened his straggly hair before replacing the headgear.

"You're not going like that, are you?" Mary always thought it important to dress for the occasion.

"I ain't got no others togs and you know it."

Music and voices drifted up from the ballroom. "Time for our entrance." Caruthers took Mary's arm and Jack bobbed along behind. As they reached the top of the sweeping staircase the first cry came.


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