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Birthday Party

I have the decorations in place. The cake's sitting in the garage refrigerator. The drinks are chilling in the ice chest. All is ready.

John’s big 40th party is all set. I’ve invited some of his friends, all the family and some neighbors. It should be fun.

The party starts at 6 PM. I get all gussied up, get the pup in her cage, then sit by the door to wait.

And wait. It’s now 6:15. I glance out the window. No cars. No calls. Not even from the guest of honor.

I grab my computer and check Facebook. There seems to be some back and forth.

So my mother starts the conversation:

“Are you going to the party?” Sent to my sister:

“I can’t, kids are sick. Are you?” Sent to my mother who responds:

“Well darn, good thing you don’t go. Let me check with others before we message Mary.” Sent to Sally who responds:

“Pam’s kids are sick? I was just there. That means mine will get it, so no we won’t go. Let me tell Angie.” Sent to Angie who responds:

“Pam’s sick? I’m not going if you’re not. My kids are little hellions today. I can’t ask a babysitter to come. George has to work late.” Sent to Shelly who responds:

“You have problems? Let me tell you, I have to work late, Harry is out of town, now the babysitter tells me the baby is throwing up. I can’t come.” Sent back to my mother who forwards all this to me.

“Sorry hun, but seems we can’t come. Too much going on. Have fun!” And on it went.

The door bell rings. It’s John.

“Sorry I’m late.” He looks around. “Did I get the day wrong?”

“I hope you like cake,” I answered.

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