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Love and passion are the keys to goodness in the world. It is tactful to utilize both.
         Life’s purpose, some say, is to earn well, and finish your life out with as many possessions as you can. Some say that it is to garner as much power as possible in your time. Some combine the two, creating a new animal, which typically leads to the downfall of others along the way; but that’s just politics or work, to most people. Economic, local, national, or global politics - that is a fair summation of these people’s high goals. Perhaps it is not for a negligent or self-serving reason, and their intention is true. But beyond this, there are other supposed reasons people live their lives. The higher purpose, for some, is to be known as the ‘best’, to immortalize their names upon paper, gems, wood, or stone. This ensures that they shall never be forgotten, and regardless of what afterlife comes with death, there exists one for them here on this Earth. It matters to some whether this afterlife comes to the public, shared across the world by millions or more, or their families, who pass their story down to each new generation. These purposes, not always noble or positive, but not always evil or malicious, either, have left us with the legacies of hundreds of thousands of special, important people, people who have changed the cultures of their forte, or their lands, or perhaps the entire world, in whichever way they may have desired.
         These couple of purposes are by no means an exaggerated list of possible meanings people have put in front of their lives, but they are very common, with no doubt, whether it is because that is exactly what they desire to achieve, or because they have not discovered their outlet, and do not wish to, or lack the opportunity to. To these people, no judgement is passed, but consider that although our lives may be feel long, and short in reflection, time is of no pressing matter, and in the end, we each return to the earth with essentially the same belongings, for everyone but a fool knows that time aches on eternally, and one day, it washes away with it everything for the sake of recycling and repurposing it. This includes your being, your possessions, the world around you, even; from the shoes on your feet, to the proud towers and mountains hanging unimaginably far above your head. The structure of everything fades away someday, including your legacy, even if it should survive ten-thousand years.
         Remember, now, that purpose and meaning is important in life, and this is by no means a document which is meant to bring aversion to such, but it is, rather, a reminder that there exists a substance, an enigma, which is ever present, and although it introduces itself in an incalculable number of ways, it never changes, even amongst the bearings of time. This aforementioned enigma is love, and when passed about, and taught to others, it refuses to die wholly under any circumstance. This could even be love for your purpose, your own unique meaning of life that you have attributed to the world. Be certain to pass it on, for amongst the steady tillings of the world, its influences, and time, it remains ever present in all we are, do, and feel, no matter how the situation is turned. Love can be used in harmful ways if it is manipulated, forced, or falsified, but the emotion and gift itself are precious and enthralling, and as much as they may fade, they are never removed from our being, and transversely, are never removed from the universe around us, as we are all made from the same matter, and with the universe, the same energy, simply on a higher or lower level.
         It is through love for all things around us, the earth, each other, the moments we share and contribute to, that we realize there is more to existence than simply us, and it is here that we discover happiness in whichever procedure it comes. Sharing this bounty with the world around you is the means in which the world improves, and again, transversely, the way the universe improves. We are small, and our impact on the grand scheme of things is as well, but steadily, through the actions of all of us, the world changes. The decision is up to an individual whether this change is for the worse, or whether this change is for the better. The decision made behind which of these two roads you travel is significant; choose wisely.
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