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A lyric of a relationship. Would be a great song
So, I'm sitting on the fence between the future and forever 2258775
Watching the past and my life go by.
There's a fine line between someday and never
But I know in my heart I've got to try

Never, ever give up on any of your dreams
Said the angel in my ear
Remember there's a connection to all lifes streams
He said it will be a better year

So I try to make a friend or two like me
I try to make someone smile today
I try to make a difference and help the world to see
That I really listen to what you do and say

Never, ever give up on your life
No mstter if there's a demon in your soul
Remember there's a reason for all your strife
Angels and Demons have the same goal
To live, to love, to laugh-to matter
To weave this tapestry and climb the latter
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