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Short piece
Air Raid

Do you hear the bangs outside? What is it?
I see a bright light!
It only happens at night,
My Mother tell me and my brother to rest our heads,
Only till she comes to get us from our beds.

"What is that noise?", I ask my mum,
"Bombs", she hastily replies and then shtum,
"We need to go to the bomb shelter", She whispers,
She takes my hand and then says to my brother, "come with me and your sister".

I hate it when this happens!
I cant sleep anymore!
I am so scared, when will this end?
My mum said I might be evacuated with our friends,
I lay awake in bed for hours,
And pray to god that they wont bomb ours.

My mum leads us out the door and to the garden,
Down into the Air Raid shelter and only then,
We will be able to sleep,
Our Air raid shelter is very deep,
My brother and my father built it themselves,
My Father is very creative,
He once made my Mother some bookshelves!

My Brother doesn't like it when the bombs start dropping,
He says it goes on without stopping,
Some nights he goes out with my Father to work,
My Father does the building whilst he does brushwork,
Me and my Mother stay at home.
It's lights out when Father and brother are gone,
My Mother tells me to draw our blackout curtains,
This can't go on for ever I am almost certain.

I hear the bombs dropping on houses,
I look out of my window, my mum calls me a prowess,
I ask her lots of questions about last nights ordeal,
Why do they want to hurt us? Do they not care how we feel?
We go to see if our home is still standing,
Or has it been hit and done a crash landing?

Every night we end up in the shelter,
We hear the buildings falling,
We go back to our home the next morning,
But only once the Air raid sirens stop calling.
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