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short piece
Great White

I am the Greatest of the Great White,
You know I'm there even when I'm not in sight,
I will sneak up slowly and cautiously,
Or Trick you and swim around halmlessly,
I dont want to risk scaring you,
Some of my friends tell me to beware of you,
But I'm not scared!
I'm the Greatest of Great White

I don't want to hurt you,
I'm actually quite harmless,
But I need to stay close to your land to find my meals,
The tasty ones live up their you see,
So you can't really blame me,
You just over exaggerate and scream when you see.

Once you start running to land I get confused,
You look like a seal in your black clothing,
Some of you just stand still and do nothing,
You are the smartest,
I don't get confused then, I just come for a look,
Then carry on with my day and swim away.

I am Five metres long, and a shade of grey,
I am very quiet, it helps me hunt for my prey,
I have 300 teeth and roam through the deep,
Nobody can stop me because,
I am the Greatest of the Great White,

I enjoy a nice Seal,
I creep under them and breach,
I jump up and catch them in my mouth,
Then I dive back down out of sight,
To eat my meal with alot of delight,
And will not be disturbed because,
I am the Greatest of the Great White.

In a year I can eat up to 11 tons of food,
Fish mainly, I rarely ever come near you,
I tend to use my electroreception sense,
I use it to hear when my next meals within my presence,
We have been here alot longer than you,
Around 16 million years to be precise,
So there is no questioning that,
I am the Greatest of the Great White.

When you get injured in my home,
I can smell your blood within zone,
Upto three miles to be exact,
Once I get close I can hear your heartbeat,
It beats very fast sometimes,
I know your scared but I'm only investigating,
I don't want to hurt you but your in my way,
I'm hunting for my meal, but you got dragged astray,

Your too far out to try and swim,
You have no chance against my fin,
I swim very fast,
You would be last, because,
I am the Greatest of the Great White.

My serrated teeth make it easy for me to bite into my prey,
If I ever lose a tooth, I do not worry,
I know it will grow back in a hurry,
Sometimes I take a bite of my prey, then swim away,
I wait till it is weak, then come back to finish it off,
No one will touch it, if they do, they will be next,
There is no stopping me! You have no defence,
I am the Greatest of the Great White.

I am alone most of the time,
Apart from mating season, my favourite time,
I get to swim with new friends,
I share my meals with upto 8, it really depends,

My friends tell me to be aware of Killer Whales,
There not nice at all I've been told,
They take a bite and keep hold,
Or sometimes they flip you over using their nose,
This makes us motionless, I think it's called the tonic immobility,
But I'm not afraid of the Whales,
They dont give me a fright,
For I am the Greatest of the Great White.

I'm not really scary, well I don't think I am,
I dont want to harm you,
If I ever take a bite, It will be by mistake,
Once I taste you I will realise,
I will swim away feeling bad that i made you afraid,
I know I will be hunted so I have to move base.

I can feel the electric fields,
I sometimes mistake it for food,
So end up capszing your boat,
Then find it hard to get back into the water,
You scream when you see me, because,
I am the Greatest of the Great White.

With 300 razor sharp teeth,
My prey have no chance,
I will grow upto 20 foot in length,
Scary right? Your not even half the size of me,
I swim at a speed over 35 mph and can lurk in the depth of 3,900 feet,
I swim so deep so I can see what is above me.

Once my meal is in sight, I swim up and take it by the feet,
I pull my prey deep down into the water,
There is no way of escape,
Sometimes I shake it side to side,
This makes the ordeal alot quicker.

I take the first bite and dont stop till the end
Once were deep enough and out of sight,
There is no question that i am,

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