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by Angel
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Fantasy · #2258812
A twisted version of Cinderella

Her father often questioned
Just how her mother died.
Cinderella didn’t know,
But he always felt she’d lied.

Many years had passed since then,
He’d once again found love.
So different from her mother,
Who was gentle like a dove.

Cinderella’s stepmother
Was firmly in control.
Through the palace, girls in tow,
No intention to console

Cinderella, for her loss,
So many years ago.
The woman was mistaken
No such grief had laid her low.

Like a spider with a fly,
It needs to draw it in.
This mother, so distracted,
Didn’t see she couldn’t win,

Chores were set from morn till night
The work would do her good.
Cinders held her feelings in,
As a special princess should.

In the cellar, once again,
Her favourite place to be.
Time to plan the big event,
These simpletons would see,

She’s not her mother’s daughter,
All quiet, meek and mild.
That’s how they all have seen her,
Not the dark and troubled child.

Only her father warned them,
Don’t push the girl too far.
Of course, they didn’t listen,
Cinderella raised the bar.

That day she left the palace,
The screaming heard for miles,
Drew all required attention,
Inside smiling. All the whiles,

Telling all what had occurred,
That dreadful early morn.
Her stepmother was angry,
Cinderella felt forlorn.

Nothing tried was ever right,
This was the final straw.
Her stepmother cast a spell,
Darkness opened in the floor.

A demon rose above them all,
Slayed each of them in turn.
Cinders took the chance to run,
She found a butter churn.

When everything fell silent,
Cinders dared to leave.
Stopped to check her family,
Of course, later she would grieve.

This was the tale, always told,
How Cinders was so brave.
Few eyes saw the spell she wrought,
The power her heart craved.

Soon, they would see their folly,
Believing this young girl.
She will lead them into darkness,
And completely change their world.

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