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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Music · #2258818
Some of you may have spotted a theme.
A shimmer of deflected neon, reflects
from the cheap, bright red plastic of her coat.
The white flash of her oh-so perfect teeth,
as she smiles at me from across the street.
Mischievous glint in her sparkling eyes,
has me follow her into the nightclub.

I feel the bass boom, buried in my bones,
it is throbbing raw and undeniable.
Watch her swing her limbs, she's undulating,
and marching on the spot, she sways a lot.
Match my hips to hers, we shift together,
mirrored synchronised, movement unrestrained.

Her expression isn't very hard to read,
as she surrenders herself to the beat.
Expressing her untamed exuberance,
so alive, and so irresistible,
a pleasure filled child of the thrilling sound.

The strobe flash of ultraviolet, sends us
jerking , spasmodically as we are
living a silver screen five minute flick.

Gradually though, it dawned upon me,
that she is not following the music,
that simply is not the case, not at all.

I couldn't say how it became apparent,
but the music, rhythm and tempo, are
warping around her, she is breathing sound,
is moving light, resonance incarnate
She is quite simply incomparable.
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