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This is my final assignment for the "Rising Stars" class entitled, "Your Fifteen Minutes"
The day I met the voice, signs were posted all over town, announcing an event called, "The Karaoke Shindig Celebration", held in Dreams Ville, Washington. If you want to fulfill your dream and make it come true, this is where you need to go. Professional musicians would gather here to hear you sing your favorite song, and then perform with them after that. There would be instruments there such as electric pianos, electric guitars, karaoke machines, saxophones, and almost any instrument that you could think of.

Trying to find the beat that would please the crowd, the drums were being pounded the hardest. All the instruments were able to talk with each other. For Monica Jane Dewop, this was a good day; she needed to enjoy herself. Even though her last name wasn't spelled the same as Doo-wop, a kind of music, it was pronounced the same. When she was allowed to sing, she couldn't say no; she loved doo-wop music. Singing at a karaoke would be a great pick-me-up for her.

In just three weeks, "The Karaoke Shindig Celebration" would be taking place. She sang her first song at the age of three. Not having much time to prepare, she knew that she didn't have any time to waste. She was a dancer as well as a singer; she was very passionate about both of these things. Singing and dancing went hand in hand together, giving her much joy. To show how talented she was, this event would give her the chance to spread her wings, showing who she was. Knowing that she needed to branch out and do this, she also knew that she had to do it, otherwise, she would lose the opportunity for a chance at stardom, if she didn't give it a shot.

Thinking that they would interfere too much in her life, she was more afraid of having to sign contracts. She knew that she would have to perform anyway, regardless of how she felt. Needing some time to herself, there were times when she needed to take some time off. She was hoping to change all that.

"The Karaoke Shindig Celebration" was about to begin; it was now time for Monica to perform. The announcer spoke: "And now we have Monica Jane Dewop to sing, "A New Song, A New Life", her original song." The spotlight was on her. Although she was nervous, she managed to get through it. She got a standing ovation, which gave her more confidence.

She ended up not winning the contest but was encouraged about taking this on as a career. Even though she shed some tears, she didn't give up; she would continue to sing and perform her style of dancing. She was now able to get on stage and sing with her favorite musician, Serena Josephine Bella. They became the best of friends who started their own company, and Monica was happy that she accomplished her dream, which she was grateful for.

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Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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