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They are just not the same. A poem of two heavy metal rock and roll songs that go astray
1. I see no Rush to turn the page
2. Life will do that on its own
3. It’s not my style to make waves
4. I will not turn the page
5. My rocking years are over
6. Though they still linger on

7. As a younger man
8. Would picked up my guitar
9. Strum the pick and gun the cords
10. Gunning chords with heavy rhythm
11. Skate along the fretted board with heavy metal

12. But that was long ago, another time, another age
13. A rock and roller through and through
14. Heavy metal running through my veins
15. It was the only thing that kept me sane

16. But my Life, it slowly changed,
17. Was not me, but life that turned the page
18. Heavy metal no longer felt the same
19. I grew to love all music
20. It was my music that turned the page

21. I was an adolescent thirteen years of age
22. When Bob Segar turned the page
23. Then Rush a decade later used the name
24. But the lyrics they changed
25. The Rhythm, the beat, it was not the same

26. Metallica, pre millennial, They tried to do the same
27. Kept Segar’s lyric’s, rhythm and vocals
28. But it didn’t sound the same
29. Nor Rush or Metallica can compare
30. To Segar’s original Turn the page

31. Neither touch or move my spirit
32. in Segar’s unique melodic way
33. I cannot feel the loneliness, the pain
34. The isolation of stardom and fame
35. They are just not the same

36. I cannot feel the highway, the loneliness of fame
37. Nor see and hear the crowds
38. as I imagine from the stage
39. Metallica nor Rush can do the same
40. This rock and roller says Nay, I shall never turn the page
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