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Mom tries to tell Billy why he needs to wear a mask
Ode to Why

"Mommy, why do I have to wear this dumb mask to school?"
“Billy, wearing a mask helps keep you safe when you breathe,”
“But Mommy, I never had to do it before that dumb President said so,”
“Tom, help me,”
“Why, you explain it so well.”
“Billy, he’s the president and we elected him.
“Why, Mommy?”
“Because that’s what people do.”
“Why, Mommy.”
“Because it’s my Constitutional right.”
But, Mommy, why?
“Mask wearing is school policy, Billy.”
“But why, Mommy?
“Tom, can’t you help a little?
“Why, Mommy, I don’t wear a mask.
“That’s not helping!”
“Why, Mommy?”
“Oh, why did I ask you?”
“I don’t know, Mommy; why did you ask me?”
“Billy, you just must obey the rules.”
“Why?” It’s a dumb rule, okay?”
“No, it’s not okay to disobey the rules.”
But, Mommy, you and daddy don’t wear masks all the time.”
“You don’t have to wear a mask in the house, Billy.
“But, Mommy, don’t you breathe the same air as me?”
“Yes, Billy, but home is not school.”
“Why does that have to do with me?”
“It’s just better that way, Billy.
“Because the dumb President said so?”
Billy, he’s not dumb.”
“Why? He don’t have no right making me wear a mask because he does.”
“My son does make a valid, Mom.”
“Billy, the President is not dumb, he just makes stupid rules.”
“See, Mommy, you even think it’s a stupid rule.”
“That may be true, Billy, but when you’re in school, the rules are just different.”
“Why, Mommy?”
“Because if you don’t wear a mask, you can’t go to school.”
“Good, I didn’t want to go to that dumb
school, anyway.”

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