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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sports · #2258974
Muskie John does it again.
All And Then Some

“I saw the whole thing,” Taylor Price repeated.
The game warden looked up from his notes and waited.
“Mr. Price, what did you see?”
“Muskie John was fightin’ a big one. His rod was nearly bent double. Now, John he don’t hold with any help when he’s landin’ a fish, ‘specially when he’s in a derby.”
The warden nodded, since knew the man in question well.
“Anyhow, John was wrestlin’ with it one minute then next, he was gone.”
“What do you mean gone?”
“See that boat turnin’ on its anchor rope out there. That’s John’s, called Big Bad.”
“Did you hear a splash?”
Taylor shook his head.
“By that time, I had one on the line myself and everybody was shouting encouragement at me.”

The warden got on his two way to get divers and a boat to the area.
“Everybody off the lake!” he yelled into a bullhorn.
With a lot of grumbling and some foul language, the fishermen in the derby did what he told them. Hours went by, as the divers and boat combed the area for a body. Finally, they gave up and went home.
Just as the rest of the fishermen were about to do the same and drown their sorrows in beer, Muskie John showed up. Brandishing a trophy and the prize money, he strutted around.

“Where’ve you been?” the anglers shouted.
“Well, that big ‘un pulled me in, but I wrestled him to shore and headed straight to the weigh-in point so’s not to waste time collectin’ my winnin’s.”
Taylor explained what happened and John started to roar with laughter.
“I say because our derby was cut short by your shenanigans, you owe us beer and wings all around, right boys?” one angler bellowed.
Outnumbered, John gave in.

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