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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Family · #2258995
Hasn't the pandemic changed the definition of 'natural', at least temporarily?
“Seriously?” I stuttered. “Is this true?”
“Well, it’s part of the life-cycle, you know
It’s what nature wants us to do.”

“Nature is sending a message,” I replied
“Look at the virus and its variants.
Honestly, I’m beyond surprised!”

What was causing me such distress
While those in the labour room rejoiced?
It was a ‘birth-day’ and I must confess

One that I hadn’t thought would be.
With Covid-19 in the air
Who’d think to conceive a baby?

But couples had (what courage!)
And now the birth-days came along
More human beings (more garbage!)

“So,” I had the gumption to ask
“The very first gift from parent to child
Is an itty-bitty baby mask?”

“That’s up to them, they’ll surely cope
Babies are nature’s symbol of hope.”

20 Lines
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