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Flash fiction
"This is going to get ugly," Sarah whispered to her colleague, Linda. Two women held on to the shoes they wanted to buy. Problem was, there was only one matching handbag.

"I saw it first," screeched the blonde, as she laid a hand on the item.

"Do you know who I am?" The brunette was something on TV. She tried to grab the shoulder strap and got slapped on the wrist.

"I don't care who you are." The blonde was determined.

"Ladies, please!" Linda tried to intervene. An elbow caught her on the nose. They were now at the hair pulling stage. Shoes and bags were knocked flying as they grappled each other to the ground. Sarah had disappeared.

Linda tried to pull them apart but got thumped for her trouble. The blonde had a red patch on her cheek. The brunette's neatly coiffured hair looked like it had been dragged through a hedge backwards. Sleeves were ripped, skirts were lifted, knickers exposed.

"Look what I've just found!" Sarah shouted, holding up another bag, identical to the first. The women stopped fighting and attempted to straighten themselves. "Now, who's going to give me thirty quid?" The blonde's hand shot up.

"I'll give you forty," shouted the brunette.




"Let her have it."

Back in the stockroom Linda noticed there were shelves full of those bags. "What gives?"

"I buy them for twenty with my staff discount. I put out only one at a time. Then I pitch the idiots against each other and pocket the difference. High five!"

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