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Statutory Caution: Collecting trinkets is a never-ending cycle
Endings are new beginnings
Take this collecting-trinkets business
I wanted to get to one thousand
It was fun, a rather nice type of stress.

I did 'searches' in various ways
I went all down the newsfeed
"Someone, create a trinket!
Come on, do a good deed!"

When I had about fifty to go
I told the community
I asked them to point me to trinkets
And got replies in plenty.

I went to the book of trinkets
And tried to track down those
I hadn't already collected
By checking various portfolios.

Nine hundred and ninety six
Nine ninety seven
One - two - three more collected
And I'm in the seventh heaven!

I have my thousand trinkets!
I've given myself a cheer!
But that hasn't quenched my thirst
(thirst for trinkets, not beer)

I have my first one thousand
And they're great blessings
Now I'm looking for the next thousand
Endings are new beginnings

So I'm counting again
One two three
Searching, tracking, poking about
And I just can't stop me! *Laugh*

When I reach two thousand
I'll try to make it three
I'll always collect trinkets
Because I just can't stop me!

So if you're starting your collection
Let me solemnly predict
Your collection will keep on growng
'Cause you'll soon be an addict! *Starstruck*

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