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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2259124
Two newbies meet their idol.
Wasn't It A Party!

The man appeared suddenly in a room that was knee-deep in debris, cake, balloons and confetti. He looked around and spied two young men. He hid a smile behind his hand and waded toward them.
“What happened here?”
At the sound of his voice, the two stopped looking at the chaos and looked at him. Their eyes widened and they stood up.
“Arnie, is that who I think it is?” one asked the other.
The one he called Arnie, stared even harder, gulped and nodded yes.”
“Do you think he’s real?” Arnie asked his partner Dean.
Dean stepped forward and gave the man a gentle poke.
“Oh, he’s real all right!”

The man cleared his throat. The two men looked at him again.
“A kid’s birthday party, I would guess, right?”
The two nodded.
“Do either of you have brothers and sisters or know any children personally?”
They shook their heads.
“Then, until you have more experience with children, I would suggest you don’t do kids’ parties. I started out the same way, and I had siblings! No kids are the same.”
They started peppering him with questions.
“Hold it, I’m sure I will have time for only a couple of questions, so choose wisely.”

“How did you make it to Carnegie Hall?” asked Arnie.
“It took me years, but eventually I became well known enough to be asked.”
“Where did that new trick go wrong?” wondered Dean.
“I still haven’t figured that out, since I’m never in one place long enough to work on it.”
The man in the top hat began to fade.
“Wait, we need advice,” they pleaded.
“Sorry boys, I’m off! Just keep working at it!” the magic man said as he vanished.
“I can’t believe we met the famous Marvelous Melnish!”

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