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Writing Exercise - Ten Sentences
A          cloud came over ahead and flew past with the atmospheric winds.

Standing          on the cliff, he sat contemplating to himself.

Suddenly          his blackberry whirred and vibrated in his pocket, disturbing his          concentration.

After          checking his phone, he went back to his meditation and heard a voice          in his head.

"Watch          out for the needles." Just then a great gust of wind came and          carried some needles in the air, barely missing his eyes.

He          then had a memory of his mother come to mind remembering her saying          always keep an open mind and to always learn something new every          day.

He          laid back and licked his glasses and began to clean.

He          noticed again clouds going overhead more briskly.

The          wind started picking up the needles again, and it sprayed across his          face.

Just          then the clouds and the sun, which was behind them, seemed to grow          dark. The cliff face was cool. It was time to go home. Today is not          the day.

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